Phone numbers for attribution

  Landline phone number area code
 Number Index
130131132137138139145 13313413513614718095
150155156157158159186187 15115215318818996
Bandit Police: 110 Fire: 119 Emergency Center: 120 road warning: 122 DQ: 114 Weather Forecast: 12121 consumer complaints: 12315 Train tickets: 12306 Mobile Customer Service: 10086 Unicom Customer Service: 10010 Telecom Customer Service: 10000
Correct wording IDD telephone numbers correct wording international long-distance telephone numbers
The telephone number listed on the Internet these days to find manufacturers because search phone number found in a unit of Shanghai and Hebei, a factory site in Alibaba
telephone number listed above. These two phone numbers are by domestic long-distance number format form 0312 4295xxx code 86 plus China, written 86 0312 4295xxx. (Shanghai that home is written 86 021 xxxxxxxx). in fact, according to the number of foreign customers are certain to get through the fight. I have had several times in the United States domestic call a friend to get through to ask me, are doing strange that 0. Italian Sapporo? the correct wording is not behind the 86 0, written 86 312 4295xxx, or 86 21 xxxx xxxx (Shanghai), 86 10 xxxx . xxxx (Beijing) best wording is:.? +86 312 4295xxx, or +86 21 xxxx xxxx (Shanghai), +86 10 xxxx xxxx (Beijing) Why preceded by a "+" then this is because countries fight international To increase the number of long distance is not uniform. for example, in the country to make international long distance to add 00, so when you hit the United States a number +1 949 450 xxxx, will play 001 949 450 xxxx. in the United States make international calls to add 011. so in the United States playing the numbers mentioned above will play 011 86 312 4295xxx it's not too much trouble once I was in London airport, to make a long distance, asked several airport staff: what to add to make international long distance number, actually no one knows. Then someone told me, depending on which you use the phone telecommunications company, to increase the numbers are not the same. (which familiar British heroes can not tell me what he said, right?) he taught me a trick: just add a "+" on the line so no matter what country your customers, as long as he hit +86 3124295xxx, can open up the Skype software to make international long distance, which has been known big plus. "+ "the secret of.